Natty Vybez_Ziikei Album.(Good Selection)

All songs are spiritually possessed with motivational and inspiration to the youth, level headed class. Most songs in the album magnifies the dancehall culture to its fullest.
Download: Yine panga_ft_Sarauta & Milly bard

Download: Bankaba remix_ft_Atimbila_live.( Eil)
Download: Bankaba_ft_Atimbila.( Eil)
Download: Peace pipe.( Eil)
Download: On you.( Eil)
Download: Overdose.( Eil)
Download: Power house.( Eil)
Download: Sikalanga_ft_Rodikal.( Eil)
Download: Yan3 di nongo ft Atimbila.( Eil)
Download: Zekei.( Eil)


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