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Emp Sarauta_Sarauta.( Marcel)

A true king they say never carries it's weight around. Xtreme Empire's Baddest MCee and Upper East's most talked of artiste popularly know as Emp Sarauta a.k.a Star Boy is at it again with some height bars to seriously affirm his place in the evergreen Music industry within the Region and beyond. He calls this one "Sarauta" which in Hausa means Royalty to really tell what a true king he is. Production credit goes to Marcel Beat a.k.a the Alien Producer. Kindly download the song below and feel the vibe. Download

ShowBowy_Sarikii_ft_Ruty Roc.( Eil)

A good music from showBowy click on download to get a copy Download

Natty Vybez_Ziikei Album.(Good Selection)

All songs are spiritually possessed with motivational and inspiration to the youth, level headed class. Most songs in the album magnifies the dancehall culture to its fullest. Download : Yine panga_ft_Sarauta & Milly bard Download : Bankaba remix_ft_Atimbila_live.( Eil) Download : Bankaba_ft_Atimbila.( Eil) Download : Peace pipe.( Eil) Download : On you.( Eil) Download : Overdose.( Eil) Download : Power house.( Eil) Download : Sikalanga_ft_Rodikal.( Eil) Download : Yan3 di nongo ft Atimbila.( Eil) Download : Zekei.( Eil)